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Info Restaurant services

Restaurant services

Information about restaurant services will be updated in spring 2025.

Restaurant services and serving areas

Restaurant services can be found both indoors at Hiekkasärkät Areena and in the outdoor area. The entire area, restaurants and stands have the right to serve, however, the alcoholic beverage must be enjoyed in the place where it was bought/received.

Restaurants and food outlets

Exhibition Restaurant

A cafe/restaurant serves lunch, snacks and sweets in the arena throughout the fair. A rights in the restaurant

Restaurant truck

Open during trade fair opening hours. Coffee products and alcoholic beverages. There is also a grill station in connection with the truck, where you can find sausage fries, kebab fries and chicken tenderloin fries

BBQ restaurant

Open during trade fair opening hours. Hamburger portions etc.

Waffle point

Open during trade fair opening hours.

Sausage point

Open during trade fair opening hours.

restaurant services


Lunch is available from the buffet at Hiekkasärkät Areena.

Includes a salad table, warm food, breads, spreads, water, juice and coffee / tea.

Exhibitors can buy lunch tickets in advance. More information coming closer to the event.